Wednesday, February 6, 2019

Hello!! This is Kat! Another one of the Healthy Horizons Family Farm branches!
My sister Elizabeth has been the prime holder of the blogging and "marketing" of Healthy Horizons. I finally am having the kind of energy needed early enough in the year to ACTUALLY get some stuff going!
Mostly my specialty has been more on the husbandry side of the house, and mostly with the poultry. But now we have expanded to having a bunny, chickens, ducks, dogs, and a parakeet.
Amongst also wanting to be able to provide organic and healthy food options for my animals, I'm also wanting to provide healthier food options for my children and family too. I remember a few years ago when Elizabeth had the garden at my mom's house, there was one sunny day in the summer when my daughter, who was 2 at the time, went out to the garden, picked up a watermelon (the size of her head), called to me and said "mommy can I have watermelon!". The pure beauty of that summer, and the fact that there were multiple times that we had to yell at the kids to "get out of the garden", and "stop eating all of the kale!" Makes me so happy. I want my children to grow up with the ability to walk out into the backyard, pick some lunch, and play in the woods. In order to do that, there's lots of prep work, teaching, and work, that needs to go into it. I'm hoping to keep up with this blog for our journey together this year, and the progression of our garden!