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Healthy Horizons Family Farm is a cooperative farm and garden effort by an extended family on two distinct 0.8 acre lots in Renton, Wa. On the Harris and Hartt lot you will find an orchard, an expanding garden, the beginnings of a heated greenhouse, berries, chickens, ducks, a dog, and four cats. On the Zwicker lot are the Nubian goats soon to be on a rotating pasture, a cat, and plans for an herb greenhouse.

Our goal is to provide organic year-round produce for our families and sell the surplus to a few locally owned restaurants. This goal evolved over many years out of a combination of love for growing things, a taste for organic produce, disappointment in the modern food industry, and a desire to be better stewards of our planet and part of a more sustainable way of living.

Join us on our journey to learn about sustainable farming, energy efficient buildings, and participate with us in local organizations to expand sustainability of our community especially access to locally produced organic produce.



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