Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Saturday Work Party

On Saturday March 2, 2013 we scheduled a work party and Dave Hartt, Scott Harris, Elizabeth Zwicker and I showed up. :-) I took some pictures of the trees I was able to prune. Boy, I am not at all sure of what I'm doing. I read up some on the internet and worked off my memory of what 'professionals' have told me. Lets hope they have a healthy production this season.

Scott and Dave did an incredible job of reducing a large pile of limbs and branches from some past trimming. They separated out the fire wood size and piled the smaller stuff for chipping. Great job guys.

Elizabeth was busy with the garden and the individual seedlings, sprouts and small plants. She worked hard to get a second stage set up in the shed for hardening off the seedlings and small plants. It is a large circular shade with metal halide bulb.

Our pear tree before pruning
Our pear tree after pruning

Apple tree before pruning
Apple tree after pruning. W/helpers :)

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