Friday, April 26, 2013

Garden Update

Here's a quick update:

Thanks to some friends we got more area covered with wood chips. It's a good thing too since I can tell I'm going to be tight on space this year. I've already transplanted Delicata squash into that new area! It will probably also hold a generation of corn and some shelling beans.

Transplanted mammoth sunflower sprouts in between the spreading raspberries. 

A thing of beauty. That root was over a foot long! No tools needed.

Summary of chores done today:

Rearranged sprouts under growing lights.
Transplanted Delicata squash, Sugar Pie pumpkin, Mammoth sunflower, Bloomsdale spinach.
Planted Golden beets, Red Cylinder beets, Bloomsdale spinach, Sugar Snap peas, and Oregon Trail shelling peas.

Sooooo looking forward to the harvest this year!

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  1. All while having and 16 month old toddling around and gaining a scraped face. :-(