Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Momentous Occasion!

Shoshana had her tracheostomy tube removed this morning! She now has a gauze dressing over the hole and it is expected to simply close on its own. If not, a simple procedure will help it close. We have to stay one more night in the hospital to make sure that she will breathe easily while asleep but then we go home! Already, we have walked to the playroom without bringing 20 lbs of equipment with us, there is no extra breathing hole that we need to suction and two other machines at home are now obsolete. Besides, she has been eating a lot more just in the last few weeks. I wonder if capping the trach had something to do with that? Maybe having that tube in made it uncomfortable for her to swallow? In any case, she is doing wonderfully and I expect we'll be home without any issues tomorrow.

In discussion about Shoshana's care plan the hospitalist mentioned that her sister in India was recently diagnosed with stage III breast cancer. Our efforts with Shoshana opened a long conversation with her about diet and cancer and I had the opportunity to share about the Sustainable Renton gardening session at the Community Farm this weekend as well as the resources I've found most helpful. Though it still hurts to relive some of the most stressful times of my life it is a beautiful thing that my experience can help make someone else's experience easier. And I may get to see her again!

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  1. She was a very beautiful lady inside and out. I'm sorry we haven't seen her again.