Thursday, March 29, 2018

Spring Has Sprung!

Baby goats are born, surprise flowers are peeking out of the ground at our new house, planting seeds, tax season. Sound familiar? I keep thinking one of these days I will learn to stop scheduling new stuff for myself in the Spring. It just keeps happening that once the fruit and veggies are safely stored away in jars or freezer and I've had a few weeks of breathing room that I want to start over already! But we still have the dreary winter to go through. So this winter I was feeling antsy enough that I signed up to be in a community production of Beauty and the Beast. Now that it's time to make new products, build and plant an entirely new garden, raise goats by hand (unfortunately), I also have every Saturday and Tuesday scheduled with rehearsal and set building! Any wonder why we haven't completed fencing in the back portion of our property?!

So, to sum up:
We moved into our new place in Maple Valley last July.

My dad helped us convert the workshop downstairs into a bedroom for our girls.

He built a joint goat barn and chicken coop to my specifications.

I completely refinished the wraparound deck including adding screws to the entire flooring.

We felled several large trees and chopped down more stifling rhodedendron and azalea bushes than I can count.

We thoroughly enjoyed our double wood stoves upstairs over the winter which required many hours of chopping wood. Hours which I was happy to provide considering I'm trying to loose some of the leftover baby reminders on my hips/tummy/thighs/etc!

I learned more about different kinds of nut and seed oils and have updated my recipes accordingly.

I registered both the family farm and the herbal company with the state of Washington.

I applied for Healthy Horizons Herbals to be part of the Maple Valley Farmer's Market all summer (dates to be posted soon)!!

That's all that should be crammed into one blog post, I think. More coming soon!

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