Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Busy Day, Busy Season

Today was quite the whirlwind! While working I coordinated calls from the insurance company and Children's Hospital for Shoshana's upcoming procedure and overnight stay. On the way home I picked up alfalfa for the goats and feed for the chickens, I dropped the chicken feed at my sister's house, returned home to make dinner (taco salad with homemade yogurt instead of sour cream and dry ricotta crumbles and all colors of the rainbow...pinterest worthy but no time), sat down for a few minutes then returned to my sister's/mom's house to do some gardening. Whew! It's that time of year again!

With the sun out more consistently and the weather finally warming up (the first person I hear complain about the "hot" weather gets a karate chop to the throat), no matter what else is going on, the garden needs tending for at least an hour each day. This evening mom and I battled the mosquitoes and falling darkness to get my parsley, Thai basil, cinnamon basil, and Santa Maria Pinquito dry beans transplanted. It was a draw. We made it just in time to water them, harvest some leafy greens, and do some basic tidying. Unfortunately, we didn't finish in time to take any pictures unless you like out of focus black and gray shadows. You can thank me later for not cluttering up your screen with those.

Oh, hey! Check out the cute bomb! You're welcome.


Ahem. Where was I?

BASIL! I can't get enough of it so don't ask me to sell you any. But donations toward the greenhouse where basil is easier to grow would not go amiss.

On the way to the car I trimmed the spinach, kale, and little broccoli offshoots. Amazing how much you can get from a quick tip trim and the plant is still intact to keep growing and producing! Next I pulled up some leafy greens that had bolted. Generally, putting seed heads in the compost is a bad idea. Good thing I have goats! They were so intent on eating the presents so quickly they actually choked a few times. They really are quite adorable even when stuffing their faces. Earlier they got the leftover Veronica broccoli plants and did much the same thing. Goat picture!


Tomorrow: on call vs. Home life.
Friday: Shoshana's procedure. Please keep us all in your prayers.

Goodnight moon, goodnight lamp, goodnight pillow, goodnight companion cube... zzz zzz.

(This is my first attempt at posting from my phone. Let me know if you experience any technical difficulties.)

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