Monday, June 24, 2013

Recent Readings

Food Policy:
A new meat label that certifies that no GMO products went into the growth of the animal. Yay!

Monsanto claims the recent discovery of illegal, untested GMO wheat in Oregon which kicked off a spate of countries banning import of wheat from the state was actually an act of sabotage by "elite" critics of GMO products. Something smells fishy here...

A technique of cellular delivery a long time coming is finally into human testing. The possibilities are fantastically endless and dangerously endless.

Raspberry Buttermilk Ice Pops  (probably will also be delish with yogurt)

Soup Ladies receive award for volunteer catering for first responders. Pretty sure they catered the search and rescue effort for my friend lost from our hiking group five years ago...

Portable chicken coop. IMHO the best and easiest way to house a few chickens in a relatively small space.

 Recent harvest! Yum!

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